How to Avoid and Spot Locksmith Scams?

Locking yourself out of your car or home is one of the most irritating situations. It is inconvenient, embarrassing and sometimes dangerous also. In such a situation, when you are stressed out and need a locksmith, you don’t pay attention to the details that you normally consider while searching for a professional locksmith service provider. This can cause you to miss certain red flags that end up you with a locksmith scam.

So, don’t wait for a time when you are lockout at night and contact any locksmith to get out of such a situation. In this blog, we are sharing some key points that help you to spot a locksmith scam and how you can avoid it.

  1. Make Sure They Are Authentic

Before you call any locksmith make sure that they are running a legitimate business. The shady locksmith will never list their physical address because they don’t want to answer to upset customers who have been scammed by them. When you search for any locksmith, first check their professional address on their website or ads. Try to find them on Google and other directory listings.

  1. Check reviews

Reading a company’s online reviews is one of the easiest ways to check and ensure their quality services. Dozens of star reviews or unsatisfied customers will help you to understand the quality of services provided by the locksmith company.

  1. Call Is Vague

When you call them and they don’t answer you with a company name but instead will say “locksmith service” be suspicious. If they will not give a specific name of the business then you should move on. Secondly, if the operator will quote you a very low price like $14 because no company can charge you such a low cost for the services.

  1. Lack Of Consistency In Appearance

The fake locksmith, will likely not wearing a uniform or do not have any ID which shows he is employed as a locksmith in the company. Even, the vehicles will be not marked or do not have permanent markings for the business. So, when you hire a locksmith service inform the company that you want to see the technician’s ID and certification as well as you would like a written estimate before the service. If the onsite estimation doesn’t match with the phone estimate then don’t allow the locksmith to perform the job.

  1. Don’t Pay Until You Are Happy With The Job

In case you are not happy with the work done by the locksmith, contact the company and tell your concerns. Don’t pay for the services until you are pleased with the outcomes.

  1. Ensure The Work Is Legit

After work completed by a locksmith, you have to make sure that you can use the locks comfortably and they aren’t too difficult to unlock.

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