Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock a car when keys are locked inside?
There can be several ways you can open the car when your keys are locked inside.
First, check all the doors again to make sure they are all locked. You will be surprised to find that one of the doors is still open. If all the doors are locked, try to find an extra key for the car, and if you are not home, see if someone can help you get the second set of keys.
In some newer models, you can unlock cars from an app check if you have these options for your vehicle.
Check with your friends and family to see if someone has lockout tools to help you to unlock the car. Just make sure they know how to use it and don’t damage your car.
If none of this applies to you, or you have no time to deal with it, a local locksmith will be your best choice. Local locksmiths have all the right tools and experience to open cars quickly and without damages. Defiantly worth hiring one to make sure you get it done right. When you choose a locksmith professional, make sure you go with local and high-rated locksmith companies to make sure you get quick and reasonably priced service.
What to do when all my car keys are lost?
If you lost all of your car keys and have no spare left, then you defiantly need to contact an automotive locksmith that can generate a new key for your car. Make sure to hire a local locksmith company that specializes in car keys generation and provide mobile services so you can save on towing cost. When choosing a locksmith, make sure to look for someone local who is near your location and has good references to ensure you deal with a legit company.
How much does it cost to unlock a car?
The price depends on the location, time of the day, year, make and model of the car, and other factors that can cause a more complicated opening process.

Standard car lockout for a private car should cost anything between $75-$95. With travel fee and the service itself included.

High-Security lockout usually foreign cars can cost anything $95-$150 to open with service call included.

Big trucks like 18 wheelers will cost around $95-$150 to open. With the service call fee included.

Again, the price may change, depends on the time of the day, difficulty to open, and other factors that the locksmith will face. My best suggestion is just to make sure to shop around and look for local based locksmith companies with good reviews.

How much does it cost to generate a new fob for my car?
The price depends on the year, make, and model of your car.
The location where the locksmith needs to travel, and the time of the day.

There are several types of fobs available in the market, and they are different in price when it comes to making a new one. Usually, to generate a new fob, it will be a little easier for the locksmith (doesn’t include foreign cars) however, they are more pricy for the locksmith to stock, and as a result, they will be more expensive to make.

The price to generate a fob for a standard vehicle can range between $220-$380, and for foreign cars, it gets more expensive, estimated from $450-$700

If you already have a fob and need to get a second one made, then you probably can get a better deal on making it. Just make sure to deal with a local-based locksmith that is licensed, insured, and has good references from past client